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Welcome to Santa Barbara Zoovenirs

As a private, nonprofit organization, the Santa Barbara Zoo depends on the support of the community, not tax dollars, for operations and improvements.  All proceeds from your purchases directly support the Zoo.

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We Love Gemina

This is a LOVELY book that especially touched my heart! My sweet baby boy (2 yrs) has severe scoliosis. It never stops him! He can fall a hundred times a day and bounce right back! The story of this giraffe is so like him! We were amazed there was a little boy like my son in the book with scoliosis and a brace <3

Amanda P.

Wonderful book especially if you are a giraffe lover as I am. I read it to my grandson who lives out in Oregon during a recent visit and who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Reading the book to him brought tears to my eyes and reinforced within me that with determination and spirit one can overcome all obstacles as Gemina did through her life and my grandson will have to do as well. Truly inspiring and so glad that I was able to purchase this book through Amazon as their copy came directly from the Santa Barbara Zoo and my daughter-in-law had the privilege several times of seeing Gemina there as a child.

Nicholas M.

Perfect baby gift or any gift for that matter. My daughter was married at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Gemina is in several of the pictures. I gave my daughter this book as a baby gift for her son due in September. His big sister read the story to us at the shower. Very fun.

Lee N.

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