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Condor Comeback book paperback

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Condor Comeback:

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By: Sy Montgomery and Tianne Strombeck


In April 1987, the last wild California condor was captured and taken to live in human care like the other twenty-six remaining birds of its kind. In Condor Comeback, National Book Award finalist and author of more than twenty books, Sy Montgomery details the efforts of scientists, volunteers, and everyday citizens to get California condors back in the wild.

An excellent compliment to the book is a California Condor stuffed animal. 

About the author - In addition to researching films, articles, and over twenty books, National Book Award finalist Sy Montgomery has been honored with a Sibert Medal, two Science Book and Film Prizes from the National Association for the Advancement of Science, three honorary degrees, and many other awards. She lives in Hancock, New Hampshire, with her husband, Howard Mansfield, and their border collie, Thurber.
Twitter: @SyTheAuthor.

About the photographer - Originally trained as an oil painter, Tianne Strombeck's photography has appeared in numerous books, including Sy Montgomery's Soul of an Octopus. Tianne lives in Garland, Texas.